Independent Public School

Kelmscott Primary School is an Independent Public School.  This means we have a School Board that better involves the school community in decision making; advertise staff vacancies and manage selection processes; and flexibly manage our school finances and resources according to a One Line Budget that is determined by the Student Centred Funding Model.

As an Independent Public School we sign off on a Delivery and Performance Agreement that requires us to collaboratively develop a Business Plan with staff and community.  This Delivery and Performance Agreement combined with the Business Plan is reviewed every three years.  This review is known as an IPS Review that is a process conducted September 2015 designed to evaluate student achievement, operations and processes.  The School Board, other parents and staff were fully involved in the IPS review.  The IPS Review Report indicate both commendations and recommendations.

Kelmscott Primary School has developed a new Business Plan for 2016-2018.

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