The total number of staff varies from year to year according to the number of student enrolments. We have always been fortunate to have teachers who are not only experienced but who have expertise in a wide range of subjects. All our staff, both teaching and non-teaching, with patience and dedication, help the students to learn the value of honesty, integrity and cooperation with others.

Principal: Overall responsibility for the school and instructional leadership.

Deputy Principals: Administrative duties, instructional leadership, curriculum, social-emotional and classroom support for students and teachers.

Class teachers: Kindergarten - Year 6. Responsible for the delivery of quality and inclusive education for all students.

Specialist teachers: Physical Education, Performing Arts, Music, Visual Arts, Science and German.

Non-teaching: Corporate Services Manager, School Officers, Education Assistants (early childhood and special needs), Gardener and Cleaners.

Principal Rebecca Instance
Deputy Principal Cathy Wolfenden
Deputy Principal  Alison Aldersea
Manager Corporate Services  Sharon Saville
School Officer Kylie McRae
School Officer Sharon Merritt


Room 18 - Kindy Kylie Mellor / April Fleay
Room 14 - Pre-Primary Natasha Percy / Kylie Carse 
Room 12 - Pre-Primary Jade Braddow
Room 15 - Year 2 Meredyth Dickinson
Room 16 - Year 1 Robyn O'Brien
Room 17 - Year 1/2 Gail Fetterroll / Kody Roberts
Room 1 - Year 2/3 Sonja Van Turnhout
Room 2 - Year 3 Julie Sommers / Cameron Payne
Room 3 - Year 3/4 Stephanie Long
Room 4 - Year 4 Cherrie Hosken
Room 9 - Year 5 Cathy Maxwell
Room 10 - Year 5/6 Jo Easton
Room 11 - Year 6 Tracey McIntosh
Physical Education Ian McIntosh / Simon Campbell
German Sabine Anderson
Performing Arts Simon Campbell
Visual Art Pauline Cooper
Science Catherine Holland
Education Assistant Special Needs

Pauline Chapman

Education Assistant Special Needs Robyn Morton
Education Assistant Special Needs Michelle Gowland
Education Assistant  Mandy Cavanagh
Education Assistant Lauren Merton
Education Assistant Allison Ferguson
Library Officer Robyn Morton
Gardener Greg Van Der Vaart
Cleaner in Charge Bronwyn Loftus
Cleaner  Susan Bunter