Pastoral Care

Moral Compass

We follow the values presented within our Moral Compass in regards to everything that we do at KPS, all day, every day. These values apply to all aspects of life here at Kelmscott and are:

RESPECT: We respect ourselves and others; we respect the right to learn; we respect the right to participate.

RESPONSIBILITY: It is our responsibility to make positive choices; it is our responsibility to engage in learning; it is our responsibility to be prepared and ready to learn each and every day.

SAFETY: We consider the safety of ourselves and others in the classroom and in the playground.

PRIDE: We take pride in every task we do and present; we take pride in our school; we take pride in each other; we take pride in ourselves.


Hello to all students, staff and parents. I am the Chaplain at Kelmscott Primary School, some of you already know me and I am looking forward to getting to know many more of you.

I thought I would take some time to let you know a little more about myself and what I hope to offer at the school.

A Chaplains Role
A Chaplain is part of the pastoral care team at school. I am a listening ear for students, parents and staff. I will provide a link between school and community based services, sometimes suggesting an appropriate service for a student. I work as closely as possible with staff and parents, providing as much feedback as possible, in consultation with the student, to others involved in the student's care.

Sometimes it is confusing for people to understand what a Chaplain is and how religion fits into the scene in a school setting. A Chaplain is a Christian who is motivated by their beliefs to bring relief from pain and stress to those who they encounter. A Chaplain is not permitted to attempt to sway people towards their own beliefs. I work with people from different cultures and religious backgrounds. We may discuss troubles with friends, home life, behaviour or anything else that is impacting on their ability to learn.

Chaplains at public schools in WA are employed by YouthCARE and come from a variety of denominations. I am accountable to both YouthCARE and the school.

About Me
I was born in South Africa but have lived in Perth for the past 6 years. I am married and have 3 children. I have a degree in religious studies and have worked as a youth worker, and in retail, reception and administration.

Working Together
I am here to listen to students, family members and staff who have worries and concerns. I aim to help students think clearly about their situation, and hopefully come up with solutions. I will always encourage students to talk to their parents if they are worried or concerned about something.

Parents, who do not wish their child to access the Chaplaincy service, please notify the school office. If I have ongoing contact with your child I will be in touch with you.

I look forward to building new relationships with the school community.

Liesl Theaart, Chaplain